Active clan looking for players and video rec

The Order Of Chaos are looking for active, dedicated players who like to play halo when they can.
We do have teams for every playlist so there is something for everyone we have regular tournys and comps with prizes up for grabs!

We are also looking for anyone with video capture capability who is willing to record and edit videos and montages and work closely with other members to create awesome youtube vids.

if you like what you read so far check out our website The Order Of Chaos

A short recruitment video

we do have a few requirements to join:

1 - must have a mic
2 - must be 14+
3 - must be willing to work as a team
4 - willing to change your in game emblem (this is the only thing changed we do not require same spartans or colours…etc)

Looking for someone who has experience or the capability to record and edit Halo game play footage.
You don’t have to join our clan but you will be working closely with the clan leaders to produce montages and eventually a machinima to be uploaded to you-tube account.

if interested or want more information please message s1y squirre1, Roni123 or AJ 117x

OK, why not? Do I need to change my emblem?

Yes you’ll need to change your emblem to correspond to your rank with in the clan. And promotions are handed out only at clan meetings on Sundays. no other changes are required.

thanks for answering frick, i been struggling to get on here for a few days.