Active Camo without blue dots?

Has anyone else encountered someone using active camo, minus the blue dots? How the heck do they do this? I have Wetwork and started on Pioneer so I know it isn’t a funky specialization thing, and wasn’t that impressed with Wetwork btw (only like 2 of the assassination animations seem to be sped up, the rest of the animations move about the same time).

I never see any blue dots what so ever when people have camo on.

I believe it is due to crouching while having AC equipped.

I’m sure it will be fixed soon. Like the previous glitches, it has been brought up frequently, which is good.

Probably lag.

I experienced it on a really bad Italian host once, man that game sucked as I got Boltshotted from 15 metres on so many occasions and my Boltshot fails to even register.

Broken matchmaking FTL.

Yeah, I’ve seen it happen a few times actually. hope it gets fixed

Shows up for me.

It not lag. Its some form of glitch. Died to it a few times.

> It not lag. Its some form of glitch. Died to it a few times.

This without the dying ;]

Its definitely a glitch i believe it happens when you use your mods in a specific combination; not sure though. I encounter it almost every other game now it needs to be fixed.