Active Camo is useless at CQC/Short range.

Is it? I’ve come to the conclusion that it is and have taken to using it for Camo Sniping.

Or have I just been using it wrong?

Well it is commonly used close range for people that camp on CTF maps and Dominion. So I’d say I would much prefer someone camo sniping than camping in a ctf base with it. So as an unwritten rule I would say don’t use it to camp at a CTF spawn because it just annoys people and ruins everyone else’s experience.

But to answer your question you can get as creative as you like and it can be useful for close quarters assassinations. So pretty much anything under the stealth category whether it be close or long range as well as getting the first hit in a melee battle

> it can be useful for close quarters assassinations.

Never been able to pull one off on a player that wasn’t already clueless or distracted.

It does have the use in being able to get the first shot(s) off which will spell out your win for the engagement all other things considered.