Active Camo in Halo 4?

This is a Campaign thread. It is not related to AAs in multiplayer.

Now, the Arbiter had Active Camo in Halo 2, and that made stealth combat awesome. Most Halo games since have only had like one portion for stealth, but Halo 2 was damn right awesome where the Camo could be used at the player’s whim, kind of like Sprint (I won’t go there), and it would make stealth combat a whole lot better.

It was an advanced form of player choice.

Enough of these scripted Campaign moments where we go stealthy. Go for a more sandbox approach like Halo 2 did in this case.

That adds a ton of replay ability to Halo games. This is one of the many reasons why Halo 2 rocked.

What if with the new suit, the Chief could use Active Camo? (Since Sprint is a default ability I bet that they would both use the same power supply, if this was a reality.)

It would make sense since Humans have been going through Covenant and Forerunner tech, and would come across Active Camo. ONI prowlers have been revealed to have such technology.

So,why not the Chief?

The only UNSC armor to use Active Camo is the SPI armor issued to the Spartan IIIs.
Now since humanity has access to a cache of Forerunner tech(read Glasslands) it is possible that they would incorporate it into the armor of the
Spartan IVs but as for Master Chief’s new armor(I beleive to be MJOLNIR Mark VII), I don’t think so.
If Master Chief’s armor is Mark VII then it wouldn’t have it since Naomi’s didn’t. If it isn’t Mark VII then it is possible.