Active Camo Changed in Infinite (Overpowered?)

Halo Infinite has changed many mechanics from previous Halo titles, many of which seem like a “if it ain’t broke, fix it” type of changes. One such mechanic is Active Camo. If anyone remembers, Active Camo was typically a pick up that was quite powerful if wielded right. If you moved to fast, you would appear less transparent. AC behaved differently in Reach, since it was also an armor ability, but it still mimicked this trait. In Infinite, it still does this, however the threshold is very different. When Active Camo is on, you can have full movement, granted you don’t sprint or slide, with full concealment. Personally, this was a bad buff to Active Camo, as before moving at full speed -sprint/slide wouldn’t conceal you completely. Now you can move much faster and not worry about people seeing you clearly. This causes very frustrating for people on the opposite end when Camo users can walk past and around you unaware, without having to crouch or walk slowly. Of course, Infinite is a much faster game, but most of its gameplay is still on small 4v4 maps. It certainly doesn’t help that on top of being invisible at faster speeds, the sounds made whilst Active Camo is on are totally silent. This adds to the already muted and hard to read sounds in-game. More often than not, players won’t be audible until they’re sprinting right on top of you. These changes to Active Camo stack on top of the already frustrating gameplay changes made by 343.

Let me know your thoughts. Do you believe these buffs to Camo are justified? Are they indeed needless changes that make counterplay more aggravating and un-fun? In addition, do you believe sounds, especially enemy-made ones, are too muted in Infinite?


Camo isnt that powerful. People can still spot you moving. It would be terrible and worthless if normal movement speed broke camo. Like wth is the purpose of even picking it up at that point. Trying to make any type of grand play with that power up becomes useless because you can’t even get to where you’re trying to go at that point imo. A well deserved buff.

If camo were to be debuffed to what it was before, you might as well make an overshield player move at half speed to balance it out.


I agree with some of what you said, mostly the parts about them changing things for seemingly no reason.

Although, I think Active Camo is actually pretty good now, and with the recent Over Shield buff I think OS is better now too (it rendered the Plasma Pistol even more useless though.) I think they could probably add a little meter or timer for Active Camo but you can also just look at the match time(if available) for the next 30 seconds after pick-up.


Active camo should not be reduced by normal movement(with the exception things like sprint or equipment) as that encourages passive, campy gameplay with camo rather than using it offensively to move through areas that you otherwise couldn’t.

The pointless chest thumping garbage 343 added in Halo 5 and kept around is a pointless nerf, that only makes the game worse. Its one thing to kill someone after the camo is active, its another to add an extra step where you can lose power ups mid activation.

CE is still the gold standard for power ups in Halo. The power ups themselves. are physics based and can be knocked around. Camo pairs better with certain weapons than others as most unscoped weapon “quick camo” after firing whereas you camo with the Pistol, Sniper or rockets is much slower to regain camo after firing which has the added bonus of giving you another reason to drop your pistol.

It also has a decent duration so it actually feels more like a power up than short boost.

Bring back CE powerups, virtually everything since then has been a downgrade in one way or another.


I don’t agree with you on this point. In CE-3 powerups were stationary (unless moved by a blast which I don’t think happened often at all) and activated Instantly when you touched them. In Infinite you can carry the overshield or camo with you before using it. This control means that you can be particular with when you use it. The trade-off is that there is a 2-ish second window where you are vulnerable and you need to plan ahead. If you could carry it AND activate it instantly it would be very frustrating, especially in case of the Overshield.

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Which is why you shouldn’t carry power ups to begin with. Once again 343 creates “solutions” to problems that don’t exist.

Pocketing and holding on to power ups is the absolute last thing that should be happening with a mechanic should be pushing the pace of the game forward. I have no interest in working around 343’s unforced errors.

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It doesn’t let you sprint, slide, or clamber without giving away your position. I think that’s fine, as allowing full walk speed with camo improves game speed.

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Camo is pretty much the same as the Bungie era games its just that 343 has the issue of making silhouettes noticeable so you literally cannot see someone in active camo as opposed to the older games where you can see their shape easier. Therefore using a keen eye to spot.

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I also find the manual activation of power items to be cumbersome. At the same time, I don’t like it when grapple can just get you said items basically for free. I simply think Active Camo, in combination with the opacity threshold and sound buff, is too much. It also doesn’t help that you’re invisible to motion sensor with it on, even when walking full speed, plus no red reticle. Perhaps if they reverted that change, since you’re not even crouching, it’d be less cheap when dying to it. They could, on the other hand, make it so their nametag appears when up close after hovering over them with your reticle, or simply add back red reticle, since its exclusion was unjustified.

I love camo please don’t take one of the few good things away from me lol

Camo is the most powerful it’s ever been for exactly 3 reasons.

1: You no longer make footstep sounds.

2: You no longer appear on Radar.

3: Aiming is harder as a baseline in Infinite due to movement speed/acceleration and uncomfortable RS controls. Which compounds on the fact you don’t get aim assist when the target is fully cloaked. So hitting a cloaked target when you do see one is harder than ever unless the camo fades due to them firing or taking damage.

Movement in Halo before Reach did NOT fade your camo, only firing or taking damage did. So that’s not a “buff” so much as it is a return to form. I like how it only fades from movement when you move faster than the base moving speed.

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I can still spot the shimmer, I don’t think it’s quite that powerful. You may need to adjust settings on your end, it sounds like. Sound and visual. I like to play with headphones so the left/right sound differentiation hits better (used to play tactical largely by sound before the short/mid range weaps got added. now everyone’s always running around instead of playing, you know, tactically… but that does make it easier to wait and hit someone reeling around a corner :smiley: ).

I don’t think the sounds are too muted at all. If anything I think the sound direction in the game is like. The one thing they got mostly right lmao If anyone’s the VIP of the Infinite team it’s the sound crew. :trophy: But yeah again it sounds like you should adjust your settings so you can hear things more clearly. They’ve added a fair few accessibility settings recently. (it’s quite nice, I can actually see my reticle on the screen now :joy: )

This is where I think the balance lies; it’s not all-powerful, it’s very likely the two seconds you take to activate it someone’s going to see you and get you unless you’re careful with it - and even if you get to a place you can use it someone likely saw you take it and is tracking you. That said, if I know I’m going to bite it before I can activate and use it, I’ll simply activate it to burn it up so the enemy can’t get it.

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I think its fine as is and its only when your not focused when they can sneak up on you when you see that faint glint of wavy nothing and your just like gotcha -Yoink!- very satisfying.

You cant run it doesn’t last forever and people can still get you if they pay attention very balanced.

Hate people who puppy guard the spawn though even wasps are getting puppy guarded like crazy i have matches where some players wait at that spawn all game.