Active Camo as AA

There have been a lot of people asking for Active camo to become a power up again. Although this may be preferable, even to me, I think it could be a great AA if applied correctly. Now, the biggest concern is sniper and active camo used together, this was a major problem in Reach. That is the only flaw with having active camo as an AA. If active camo is an AA, there is no way that a sniper will not use it.

It could be nerfed, however, so that you are limited to moving while in active camo. If you use anything, but moving and crouching then it brings you out of your ability. So, if someone has a sniper they have to be completely out of camo in order to zoom and fire.

Another way it could be balanced would be to make a player using active camo a darker shade of their surrounding the farther away they are. So if I was really far across the map looking through a scope, and someone were in camo in front of a grey wall, I would be able to see a darker grey outline of the player. This would allow people to be totally invisible at close range, but much more easily visible at long range.

Now for the radar jammer, this was a horrible idea. There should not be a radar jammer, why not just make it normal. It’s supposed to be an armor ability. If I am crouched inside a room, and someone comes in, they will obviously see the blur I make and will kill me, it wouldn’t be any different than if I was not in camo. However, if I am in a darker portion of the room, he can not see me. Why should a radar jammer give away my position? Armor abilities are supposed to give an edge in certain situations. Active Camo should hide your character, not allow anyone in the general vicinity to instantly know that you are in the center of a jam and look that way.

Last, the visibility when moving issue. This was a good way to balance the ability, but it was too crippling. People in active camo could only crouch and walk really slowly, or they would be visible. We should at least be able to do a slow jog and have most of the camo still active. Overall, I think these changes would balance out camo, and make it an ability that people will actually use, unlike Reach.

I know, it’s a long post. Here’s a cookie for reading it all (::slight_smile: