Active Camo and Other Equipment

Something feels off with the balance of such equipment that has been introduced, one such instance that I find myself troubled with is the Active Camo power drop. This bad boy as an equpiment seems like a miss to me due to its nature in Halo 3, a game I believe was the main inspiration for how Infinite was designed. It feels very close to the power-up from that title in the series specifically, much like Halo 2 and CE. There is no downside for it to be used whenever, you can walk without it deteriorating/giving you visibility, and there is no radar jammer type power to it to let players know there is someone cloaked nearby. These details have come from Reach, Halo 4 and Halo 5. When I watch people that have killed me with AC on, the camera still tracks them, but even knowing their exact location, I physically cant see them. The one thing that ticked me off the most recent was the latest game that I played of BTB, I was firing a skewer at a warthog that was in front of me and there was no obstruction of sight between me and it. I have fired with zoom and I had no awareness of the energy sword user that was walking full speed up to me from the warthog, once he came within lunge distance, I was dead and it looked as if he had teleported into place. I just think a nerf to the duration of it, or the complete invisibility you get from walking full speed should be changed.

On to other equipment. Overshield stays massively powerful and as an equipment that you can power at any point in time, feels like a miss. The whole reason for having strategic placements of powerups and the like, is so you learn the map and utilize timing for distances of enemies when you activate the powerup. The grappel hook, while I like it, i think it needs maybe a meter or so more range, it feels like alot of grappel targets just seem too close to be too far away. The threat detector, it’s basically worthless, I don’t have a clue as to how to improve it, please leave suggestions below. The deployable shield, its time to deploy seems fine, but the strength is terrible, its less than helpful for any kind of damage being dealt to you except for one shot weapons and the like, I’d love a bubble shield however, I think that can be a welcome addition from everyone playing the game. The repulsor, haven’t used it very much, but when I have, I personally don’t think there is any issue with it, I can only see it annoying if you get hit by it while using a melee weapon. The dash is alright as well, it is very fun with melee weapons, it reminds me of a worse version of evade, which isn’t bad.

Some other ideas that I think would be nice to have in the game. Gravity lifts would be very helpful and could add to some mobility options, whether it be vertical or diagonal gravity lifts, it could be very fun to use. Regeneration fields/stims could be very reminicent of Halo 3 regen fields, not too sure how it would fair with other players, but I’m sure a good chunk might like it. Hologram would be very good for tricks and might be a nice replacement for Active Camo, not to replace it but as a similar deal.

Thank you for coming to my Halo: Infinite TED Talk, please leave suggestions and comments of how I am somehow a horrible person for having a different opinion from you. Been playing since I was 4 yrs old, so if you want to come at me for being a fake fan, I will Guilty Spark the -Yoink!- out of you.

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