ciao, ho un problema con HALO 4.
Nella parte dell Attivatore dove il mammut non può continuare non carica il terreno, gli alieni e mi ritrovo a cadere nel vuoto come uno stupido, ma di certo non è un problema del pc (ho già verificato) come posso fare

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> hi, I have a problem with HALO 4. In the part of the Activator where the mammoth cannot continue it does not load the ground, the aliens and I find myself falling into the void like a fool, but it is certainly not a problem with the pc (I have already checked) how can I do

There exists a lot of issues related to the Mammoth in this mission. If I remember correctly, it’s possible to soft lock this mission by using many different means like being too fast or to board the Lich incorrectly. To avoid most of these issues, don’t play the mission too fast and avoid to get too close to the Lich before you have destroyed the second particle cannon.

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