Activating double XP causing a crash?

After activating a double XP my multiplayer matches start crashing at about mid-way through the match. Waiting for the game to close and reloading waste the time I have remaining on the double XP. My issue is that I don’t crash nearly as much before activating the double XP. I would normally crash like twice every 4 or 5 matches, but with double xp active I crash 4 matches in a row sometimes. Today it started happening again after activating double XP so I just went to bot bootcamp to fully use it, needless to say it was pointless as I can’t complete challenges in bootcamp. Has anyone else dealt with this?

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same problem here, must be a microtransaction tactic

Im not happy it’s happening to you but I am happy that I’m not the only one that means my stuff isn’t jacked up lol