As my subject implies, I am quite happy with the addition of Action Sack, as I discovered this today.

As most of you experience the same negatives of this game as I do, perhaps you are just as refreshed to just screw around in a team fiesta game. Since NO ONE plays Halo 4 anymore for obvious reasons, I have to dreadfully play solo about 98% of the time and play my -Yoink- off to make up for the -20s on my team. And because of no REAL visible ranking system and separate playlists that I have been whole-heartedly waiting for since Reach came out, this game gets annoying extremely fast. Having no worry about what my teammates are doing or the other team members, it is quite nice to not worry about losing my sniper because someone dropped rockets in their ordnance; I’ll just get another one when I spawn! Fun. I guess my point is that it is nice to finally take it easy and not constantly play a group of players who are just as good as me or better and have to be the only one going positive.

And how about Binary Slayer??? THAT game is fun! I had two sword guys thrust packing after me as I was thrusting away trying to binary snapshot them across half of the map on Ragnarok! I thoroughly enjoy Binary Slayer.

To 343, I have declined in my playing for the reasons constantly bickered about on here, but I am happy to see things are slowly improving. Action Sack is great and thank you for its implementation.

If a ranking system existed that was very similar to Halo 3’s, I would be playing RIGHT FREAKIN NOW!

I think Action Sack is great overall as well!

Not a huge fan of Fiesta, though. It feels more like “Power Weapon Fiesta” rather than the ‘true blue spawn with random weapons and roll with what you got’ type of Fiesta that many of us know and love. I wish they’d just have us spawn with random weapons and have no ordnance drops besides the overshield/speed/damage powerups.

Also really want them to change the Binary Slayer score to be higher, over to fast! And “Rockets” should be called “Rockets & Rails”.

Other than that though it is quite great! Awesome playlist, look forward to new gametypes that they’ll be adding.

Action sack is alot of fun, i was hoping they would add binary slayer ever since i saw a video of it pre game release

Action Sack is probably my favorite thing to play in Halo 4 besides Grifball. Great way to get those Ordinance Commendations finished up for those that need them.

The implementation of action sack is proof of how badly they botched the management of Halo 4 multiplayer.

A gametype like action sack exists solely as a booster. It is there, with its power weapons and enhanced movement, to keep the game fun after the regular playing style becomes stale.

Had they released the game with a respectable selection of maps they could have waited another few months on action sack and nobody would have noticed – but they released a dumbed down game to encourage DLC sales that, as seen by the population, didn’t go as well as they had hoped.

Now they’re screwing the community AND themselves by implementing a booster playlist like action sack, instead of adding a respectable selection of community maps and gametypes to the playlists. Had they done things the logical way, the life of this game would have extended all the way up to the release of the next one and fortified their sales.

I don’t see how this game can be so mismanaged. Its like the people who made it never played the other games. What were they thinking?

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