Action sack updates these would be nice!

think you should bring back some halo3 action sack game types halo reach action sack just isn’t that fun so i suggest bringing back.
2.Fat boy
3. Fiesta
If anyone else has any suggestions please post them in here so 343
will pay attention…

Team Stickies? Maybe swords with normal damage and no AA’s?

I haven’t played action sack in awhile so I don’t know exactly what’s in it or if they changed it but here’s what I suggest:

Team Fiesta but for several gametypes
Run for Cover (Halo 3)
Punch-out (PP only)
Team Races

Oh and change hockey to hammer’s only. I don’t think anyone has succeeded ARing a ball in the goal and it’s annoying having teams spam ARs on you just to kill someone. You go to play action sack, not slayer!

I hope they do start paying attention to the Action Sack community since they haven’t done a thing to it since day 1.

If I’m extremely lucky and they consider the recommendations I put out there that H2O Camper may suggest to them, I’ll be able to get some things in there and to spruce up the dead playlist.

Things I suggested he suggest to them are pretty much Team Sumo, Dodgeball, Run for Cover, and Team Fiesta to start out with.

Some Variant of In Your Base Stealing Your Flags would be phenomenal, although that particular map plays best with 16 players.

Battleships would be cool, but it would take some explaining to get going.

Revball would be amazing too. I think that’s already set to go for 4v4.

I think a Duck Hunt game would be cool too, but it would have to be built with a scoring system for two teams of four… I think I’ll do that tonight.


> I don’t think anyone has succeeded ARing a ball in the goal…

I totally do that all the time. Sorry.

There should be another playlist for Free-for-all games, too. That way, games like Speed, Jump Rope, Fat kid, and many more could be played. The current Action Sack should be complete overhauled. I hate playing Hockey, since all anyone ever does is kill people. No one goes for the ball. HaloBall Xtreme, too. They should be in a separate playlist, maybe with CloneBall and BansheeBall, among others.

My suggestion:

  • Current Action Sack
  • Community Action Sack (Team)
  • Community Action Sack (FFA)
  • Sports Action Sack

Something like this would be nice. There would probably be too many playlists, though.

Ty you guys all these are amazeing i hope they read this and keep them coming great ideas!!!

Just to say, playlists in Reach are not configured to have Team games and FFA games, it simply isn’t possible under the game engines constraints.

More playlists for Action Sack isn’t an option either, the playlists we have now is all we can have, plus the Race playlist coming soon and maybe ONE more, even I am not so sure on the one more spot.

I have an awesome and fun game type called Cave troll that I’m Deving it would be awesome in Action Sack. Made for 8-16 players and is a combination KOTH, Juggernaut, and splatter.

Even though we are saying what we all want to see, what about what we all want to see removed? I’m sure everyone has some common game they dislike and want to see removed.

If nothing else for me, it’s Hockey, Power Slayer, Shotty Snipers, Shotgun Assault, and Speedflag.

Looks good. To the above…

I’d like…

  1. Power Slayer to be edited
  2. Hockey I’m not sure about
  3. Shotty Snipers shouldn’t even exist… (or maybe increase damage and remove grenades so the Shotgun is more viable)
  4. Shotgun Assault I have no major issues with it
  5. Speedflag and Speedpile: The flag carriers should have less speed but also be slightly less resilient
  6. I might make a custom Hog Potato map and gametype.
  7. For Rocket CTF, either remove it or give it custom maps. Also replace Sprint with Evade.
  8. For Splockets, remove all AA’s except AL, JP, and Sprint. Not too sure, but maybe offer separate Rocket and Laser loadouts. Maybe give a custom map.
  9. I really have come to like Boom Ball, but due to grenade launchers, increase Ball carrier speed to 90% or 100% speed.
  10. To the Death! should be added again, but with normal damage settings and slightly increase move speed.

None of them are blatently terrible (except Shotty Snipers :wink: ), they just need some re-working.

So theres no way they could take one person and update it idt it take that long

doesn’t 343 wanna make reach better?