Action Sack needs a serious overhaul

In my opinion the Action Sack playlist should offer a competitive alternative to more traditional slayer games. Dino Blasters and Splockets are good examples of games that should be in the Action Sack playlist, but games like Power Slayer and Hotshot are not. Neither of these games represents a significant departure from more traditional slayer games.

I remember playing a lot of Action Sack games in Halo 3 and they were a lot of fun. Stickies, Stabout, Punchout, Team Scuds, Dodgeball, that game with warthogs and hammers on a platform in the sky, and others were all very different from traditional slayer games. I’d really like to see Power Slayer, Hotshot, and any other minor variations on slayer replaced with something completely different. It could be some of the games I mentioned or something completely new, but whatever it is it shouldn’t have people wondering how it’s different from team slayer for half the game or longer.