Action Sack needs a change

Action Sack is meant to have wacky modes and have a lot of, you know, ACTION.

The vast majority of times I’ve searched for Action Sack, I get either Fiesta or the modes listed below (Dino Blasters on Reach and Duals on H3 are by far the most frequent)

Dino Blasters, although being the most "action sack"y mode of the bunch, is widely disliked and every game has at least 1 quitter right off the bat. It’s miserable to play yet also the most heavily weighed mode in Halo Reach.

Elite Escalation, while being an Action Sack mode, is just a twist on regular Escalation where you have a much smaller set of weapons so the game compensates this by having 3 rounds (even if one team wins 2 in a row). Regular Escalation has more weapons and only one round, there’s no reason for Elite Escalation to be a thing.

Schwatguns is SWAT with a weapon that already instakills at that distance (if RNG is on your side). It’s as much of a wacky mode as it’s a useless mode. Regular SWAT is more “wacky” than Schwatguns since you don’t have to be within melee distance to get a kill with a BR.

Sentinel Slayer is just annoying for your ears and just feels like an excuse for the devs to use the Sentinel Beam, again every game has at least 1 quitter.

Team Duals is just Slayer where every weapon is replaced with a dual-wieldable alternative. No other twist. It also goes on to 50 kills so it takes longer to finish Team Duals than Team Slayer since you have access to less powerful weapons.

Contrary to popular belief, there ARE other modes that do properly fit in the sack, but they are so rare to come by that you have to spend hours searching to find one.

Not sure why so many anti-action sack posts recently, but I suggest in this discussion to consider the other viewpoint.

I like all of the gametypes you mentioned, and I like all of them being in Action Sack.

Action Sack doesnt have to be ONLY dodgeball/team sumo/fly high/paintball.

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We’re not saying it is, but basic slayer modes like these should be in the team slayer playlist or escalation slayer playlists, How about Jenga, why is that fan favorite not in Action Sack? Or Fat Kid, or literally anything other than slayer variants. Hell I have the OG Skeeball Gametype on my file share somewhere. Gotta dig that golden oldie out at some point lol.

How about the game types that actually modified the game that were entirely new? Skeeball, Soccer Hockey or whatever it was called, stuff like that, that actually creates an all new game mode is what action sack SHOULD be .

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These are in Action Sack.

What I’m saying is we need more of those modes and for the slayer variations to be moved to the slayer playlists.

They are? Haven’t seen them at all in MCC.

Also never seen any of the modes you listed in your other comment in MCC. For H3, over a third of my Action Sack matches has been Fiesta, followed very closesly by Duals. On Reach it’s Dino Blasters at a whopping 40% and Fiesta after that (yes, I keep count).

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When I party up we usually turn off reach due to Dino Blasters. I agree with you, SHWATGUNS, Team Duals, and Conquest seem to be all that I can pick up in my searches. I mainly play action sack for the fiesta mode which is now a rare occurrence on my searches.

That doesnt mean anything. Skeeball/Hockey are in Reach Action Sack, Not H3.
Conversely, when I queue Action Sack in H3 I get a LOT of Fly High/Sumo/Dodgeball/Shwatguns.
It sounds like you dont play much in the playlist you’re critiquing, unfortunately.

Quick Edit - I agree that the playlist should be overhauled - EVERY PLAYLIST NEEDS WORK.
But I disagree with removing Sword/Hammer gametypes. That will exacerbate the issues of “weighting” you referred to before.

Ok maybe I should retract my former statement of the Swords/Hammers mode, I think “Grifball” Slayer should be relegated to the social team slayer playlist. It’s not wacky enough to warrant an Action Sack entry.