Action Sack: Necessary for Commendations.

Although I understand that some of these gun commendations will come with time and commitment through slayer variants does anyone really expect to get Gravity Hammer/Plasma Pistol master through the standard MM playlists alone?
What needs to be put in place is a playlist that doesn’t affect k/d or win ratio but just contributes to commendations and the XP which can be redeemed solely from that.
This shouldn’t be an issue considering the ranked system H4 will eventually be employing.
The ideas are endless we could pull from previously existing playlists in earlier titles and newer ones which can already be found in youtube land. Halo Forge Epidemic comes to mind.
Although I know Playlists like Doubles, FFA, Snipers, BTB are probably more at the forefront of people’s attention I think that a large part of Halo’s success was the element of fun and even silliness. H3 excelled due to it’s Custom games and if the community can’t achieve that success on their own this MM playlist will undoubtably help.

Thoughts? Ideas on Gametypes?