Action Sack Ideas for MM.

First, we should bring back all of the Halo 3 classics, such as dodgeball, run for cover, team sumo, team fiesta, etc. And we should also make an FFA Action Sack playlist, I’ve seen a lot of really fun custom games that are FFA that would be perfect for Action sack matchmaking, there are maps like Crash-up derby, Speed, Jump rope, Sunday Driver, Assassin’s Creed.
Here’s what are all of the following are

Crash-up derby: King of the Hill gametype. Everyone starts in warthogs and goes to a platform in the middle which is the hill that needs to be controlled, they try to knock each other off and anyone who dies respawns in a cage outside the hill. The people in the cages can toss grenades at any drivers left and try to knock them off, the last man standing in the hill wins.

Speed: This is an infection gametype. One person spawns as a zombie and the rest are humans, the humans all get in warthogs at the top of a large ramp, they go down the ramp and hit a teleporter which takes them back to the top of the ramp, each time they go through they go faster and faster, after about 30 seconds the zombies is allowed to leave his cage, the zombie is armed with a gravity hammer, energy sword, and 2 stickies, he tries to destroy the people in the warthogs and if someone is killed they become a zombie, and the round keeps going until they hit the time limit or the last human gets killed by a zombie (suicides do not result in zombification.)

Jump rope: Another infection game, the humans spawn between two one way shields and can’t move, they can only jump, the game starts with two zombies. The zombies start at the top of a ramp and have an assortment of vehicles to choose from, they drive down the ramp and try to hit the humans, the humans do have increased jump height so they can jump over the vehicles but have to time it right, the round goes until they hit the time limit or last human is dead.

Sunday Driver: Yet another infection game where humans spawn in the middle of a pillar in the middle of a map if they fall off and die they become a zombie. The zombies have warthogs and mancannons at their disposal. The zombies launch their warthogs off the man cannons and try to knock the humans off of their pillar. Round continues until time runs out or all humans are dead.

Assassin’s Creed: Basically slayer where everyone spawns with swords, but if you die you can’t respawn until next round. A normal kill is worth one point, but assassinations are worth six points.

If any of you like my ideas or would like to share your own, please post below and tell me what you think. Thank you for your time.

Action Sack a FFA playlist? Dislike

Yes. I would love to see Team Fiesta back.

> Yes. I would love to see Team Fiesta back.


i like crash-up derby =] seems like a game where u just fool around doing goofy things =P

Add Stockpile to action sack. That way it will never again muck up Team Objective.