Action Sack Idea -Make it like custom game MM

In the past, Action Sack has been partly competitive based in terms of game types.

343, you should essentially make it custom game MM

How so? Feature the gametypes one would play in custom games and add an -Yoink!- load of them, for the sake of variety.

I wouldnt want to see the same gametype/map show up again for voting after 3-4 games!


-up to 16 players
-no forced colors unless gametype specific
-user created content including but not exclusively
-Cops and Robbers [H4 Style]
-Fat Kid
-Hunger Games
-Duck Hunt
-League of Legends [Map/Gametype]

That would be one step close to actually having custom game searches, and would truly add a communitive flavor to the playlist!

Reach had some fun gametypes, but I would like to see a HUGE hopper of gametypes and maps!

YES. Action Sack would be amazing if this were the case.

Heck, as time goes by, 343i should add new custom gametypes that the community comes up with.

I support this 100%.

i could play this for hours=/