Action Sack fans - custom game lobby

Hey all, if you wanna play some action sack, I’ve created most of the classics I can remember. Add me and join in SUNDAY. I should be hosting from the time I get up through most of the day.

None of these have been tested with any more than 3 people, but I don’t see why most of these won’t work. Here’s what got so far:

  1. Team Rockets

  2. Splockets

  3. Dino Blasters

  4. Terminator/Terminator Pro

  5. Binary Bolts

  6. Punch-Out

  7. Team Fiesta

  8. Fiesta Slayer

  9. Stab-Out

  10. Team Swords/Hammerzeit

  11. Ninjaball

  12. Swordball

Keep in mind I did most of these from memory but they should all be legit. I’m gonna be using the maps from the forge test, along with Haven, for most of these gametypes.

Also, after Sunday, look for these gametypes along with Dino Blaster arenas in my fileshare.

I hope you action sackers join in!

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i have a custom king of the hill game mode which is fun with even just 2 people :\