Action Sack customs night.

As unhappy as I am with Action Sack being removed, I’ve accepted it. This is happening, nothing you can do will change it, get used to that. However, instead of just whining about it, I’m gonna do something about it.

I’ll be hosting my own Action Sack lobby Tuesday night. (8/14. if you’re curious) We won’t be limited to strictly Action Sack gametypes. The only rules are what ISN’T allowed, and that’s Vanilla gametypes. So no CTF, no SWAT, no Team Slayer, etc. Oh, and no being a -Yoink!-, that’s frowned on too.

So if you’ve got an awesome custom gametype to show off, bring it. If you’ve got something you want to test, let’s go! Or if you just want to play Splockets, because goshdarnit Splockets is the -Yoink!-. I agree, Splockets is the -Yoink!-

Sign up below, with your GT and what you want to play. 3 slot limit, and let’s limit the number of duplicate gametypes, or i’ll do it for you. >:) Also please link any gametypes that aren’t in Matchmaking to the file browser, or Forge Hub, or wherever you found it, so we can check them out beforehand. I’ll update this post as people sign up.

1: Armor Walkers/Map
2: Stickyfight/Map
3: [url=[Snipe a Mole](

PS: mods if this is in the wrong place say so, I wasn’t sure where else to put it. I was thinking recruiting but i didn’t see any playdates there, just Clan recruiting.