Acrophobia Skull Issues

Hey, I have used the acrophobia skull a few times and found some issues with it.

  1. The controls for it are incredibly clunky making it near impossible to fully enjoy. Its super uncomfortable how the controls for flying using the skull are set up as well. The right thumb stick controls steering while the A button activates the flying while holding it. That makes for a very difficult set up when trying to fly around. Im really not enjoying it at all because of this.
  2. Theres pretty much no speed control. I dont get to decide if I want to go fast or just float around. Ultimately this often results in death as slowing down means deactivating the flight well in advance.
  3. Too many limits. On many of the Campaign Missions, its very limited how high or where you can go. Thats been kinda disappointing.
    Final thoughts: I absolutely love the idea behind the skull and im tremendously thankful that new skulls are being added to Halo 3 and im super hopeful for more creative skulls like those in Halo 2: Anniversary being added to Halo 3. I would just really like to see some improvements to the controls and function of the skull’s effects to make it really enjoyable and with fewer limitations on its application.

P.S. I think adding a “Custom Skull” option would be a great idea. Let the players have more control and personalization over their Campaign experience.

If you didn’t know, you can stop yourself in the air; once you’re in the air, let go of A and hold down Left Stick.

Thanks for the tip!