Acid Addictions - multiplayer booster

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So today while playing Fire-fight working on my weekly challenge and I came across “Acid Addictions”.

*Firstly, I know that personal boosting if it does not effect matchmaking isn’t banable.

He began afking in my game and then quit. Which is one thing, I looked at his stats and smelt something odd so I dug into it and noticed he afks and boosts kills and commendations which is banable.

He also sent me a rude message when I asked him why he did this message

> i boost, soooo i dont waste time playing a terrible game? problem?

Please 343i look into this, and help keep match-making clean, Thank you.

Hey a drunk moose

Good job on naming and shaming as there is no room in the halo community for individuals like this.

PS: Acid Addiction get a life you loser