Achivment for Quarantine Zone not unlocking

just completed Quarantine Zone on normal however the achievement did not unlock. I have also had issues with terminals not playing or their respective achivments not unlocking. Side note I also have roughly about a dozen achievements that state “Done” in the locked achievement category.

Rant: To claim this game is anything other than a beta is either a flat out lie or the definition of beta has drastically changed. It would appear that 343 has taken XBox Ones auto update as a excuse to use day one purchasers as Q&A, that is unacceptable. With the amount of bugs this game has (the most I’ve ever experienced in a single game within such a short timeframe) it is obvious this game did not go through adequate quality testing.

suggestion: In the future release beta games a month early as download only with a built in bug/glitch reporting app. Beta versions of the game will be upgraded to the full version automatically on release day and individuals who actually helped by reporting bugs will get a special in game items for their participation as well as a beta tester achievement.