Achilles unlock company growing! Join today

SLOTH is recruiting active Spartans to help unlock both Achilles req packs and run full team warzone matches. We picked up 5 members in just the past day. One look at our progression with few members should be enough to know we are the right choice.

We are accepting entire small companies who want to merge with us.

Send me a message if interested. Thanks!

would love to join you spartan company invite me please. GT: TheJokah

You’re in! Added 4 members last night.

If anyone else interested in joining, check the stats we have already and send me a request to join or merge. A few 10 member company merges and we will be very close to level 3 unlock!

Antyks has 26k kills alone!


would you be interested in joining up on ours we have 74, went from 14 to 74 in less than a month. its filling up fast.