Achilles over 90% comp, need extra help to finish

I am in Spartan Company Orion and we are close to having the Achillies Helmet. We currently have 17 open spots and I am looking for anybody who wants to help us finish up the last 6 commendations and finally get this helmet. So join up if you want to help with this final push.

Invite me to the company, I play about 8 hours a day.

Inv please

inv dude im active for like 6 hours on weekends.

I can help you, invite me to your Company. I play everydays to modes like Superfiesta or Warzone. Look my profile if you want.

Accept me, hhjb I play like 4 - 12 hours a day LOL

Please invite me to the Spartan Company, I lead a clan so I am very active on Halo 5 and I play multiple hours a day.

Hey everybody, Thanks for the interest! The problem is I am not the admin for this company so i cannot accept any requests or extend invites. I am trying to get admin rights so I will send invites as soon as that happens. Thanks again for the willingness to help.

I’m Active on Halo Daily. Longtime Halo fan. I want to join your company.