Achilles helmet - Inheritor Descendants wants you!

Hey YOU! Do you wish to unlock the Achilles helmet? So do we! Do you play a lot of Warzone, Infection or Slayer? Then joining us might be something for you!

Who are we?
Inheritor Descendants is a team that started in Halo Reach. Our main playlist has always been Big Team Battle (BTB). We have always been a pretty organised team, with a current win percentage of 58% in Arena, and most members having a ranking of Diamond or higher. Since we have been around for a long time already, we are getting close to achieving 100% completion of the commendations. At the time of writing, we have 78 members, although I have to admit to you that most of our members are not that active anymore. Since we are loyal, we won’t kick them though.

What is our goal?
Completing all commendations and unlocking the Achilles helmet. We are close to getting it, we just need more people to grind for it since most people in the company are inactive now. This is what we have to do:

Ground Pounds:
We need 1,056 more ground pounds to complete level 5. This should be no problem and will be completed without focussing on it before the other ones are completed.

We need 5,600 more reversals to complete level 5. We monitored our progress, and without focussing on it we gathered 700 reversals in 4 weeks. This means that we will complete this in about 2 months. It will be completed before we complete the ones listed below.

Marine Kills:
We are currently in level 4 out of 5 with marine kills. We need 385 more marine kills to complete level 4, and then complete level 5 by getting 38,900 more marine kills. They are easily gathered in Warzone so this won’t take too long if we focus on it.

Spartan Charges / Shoulder Bash:
Currently we need 1,457 more spartan charges to complete level 4. Level 5 is completed after getting 9,700 more of those. These are easily gathered in Slayer (4v4), SWAT or in Infection.

This one is the hardest to get. Currently we need 369 more assasinations to complete level 4. To complete level 5, we need 4,900 more. Our best bet is playing either Warzone and spam active camouflage, or play Infection.

Who are you?
You like to play halo. You are willing to grind to complete those commendations. This will mean you mostly will play Warzone of Infection and focus on Spartan Charges and Assasinations. It is likely that this will be done in (full) teams, so this means you will play Infection in teams of 6 and Warzone in teams of 12.

What are you waiting for?
So do you think this is something for you? File a request to join Inheritor Descendants here and help the grind to unlock the helmet! For questions, contact DA BuZter here.

Okay so here is an update, as of today (24th of April) we need the following:

795 more ground pounds to complete level 5.
5,304 more reversals to complete level 5.
38,799 more marine kills to complete level 5.
231 more assasinations to complete level 4 and 4,900 more to complete level 5.
1,343 more spartan charges to complete level 4 and 9,700 more to complete level 5.