Achilles Armor and more!

Solar Swarm is now requiting new members interested in earning the Achilles armor and teamwork.
We are a very active group that believes in…
Good sportsmanship
Team work
We never quit any games.

Open to all play types and skill levels.

I am currently restructuring then clan. I am looking for Admins and new members to team up with earn the Achilles armor and Glory.

May Hamn
Solar Swarm
Since 2005

Salutations! Sami here. I’m interested in joining IF this Company is truly an active one. Meaning, being able to team up with people on consistent basis. Personally, I’m friendly and fit all the group requirements. Casual player with competitive aspirations. Achilles would be nice too.

Your all welcome to join and give it a shot…
I play mostly at night 9:30 - 12ish PST.
Others play all through out the day.