Achilles Actual


I would just like to ask anyone who needs an active clan to consider joining Achilles Actual, it is a non UNSC military clan that usually meets daily. it is hard work but it is also a lot of fun. We train together in custom games almost daily and also delve into Arena and Warzone on an almost daily basis.

We do have uniforms but unlike what the title suggests we do NOT require anyone toe wear the Achilles armor, most of the armor if not all of it is common or uncommon but rare+ variants are allowed.

while we are working on creating more branches, we do have multiple branches at the moment such as;
Soldiers: close quarters human weapons, AR, SMG, shotgun
Rangers: long range weapons such as DMRs, BRs and sniper rifles
Guards: Protect the COs of each branch, the second in command and the leader, uses heavy weapons

While we are a strict clan, we do like to have fun most of the time and we stand by the belief that the clan should come second to real life, training and activities should be missed if you have a job or other responsibilities happening at the same time.a

We tend to meet daily starting around 6 pm EST on average and going for multiple hours, this may seem like a long time period but most of the training is a lot of fun and not very strict as long as everyone works hard at it and you don’t waste time.

For the most part, KD doesn’t matter to us as long as you’re decent at the game and know how to play.

So if any of you would like to join this clan, leave a response below and I will give your name to the leader, posting below does not automatically mean that you are in the clan, you have to start off as a soldier but if you show proficiency with certain weapons you will be considered for a promotion. have a wonderful day.