Achilles, 20/100 and growing | Black Sun Sentinels

I just cleared out all of our inactive members so feel free to request: I FallenXHero I or HeavySetBaton8 or Ess Taco
We’re active and aiming for the Achilles Armor and I’m sure there will be more armor that is exclusive to Spartan Companies in the future so I highly recommend you get settled in now. I encourage you bring a friend along because clans are more fun with friends. Any questions just let me know or the others.

Mensaje Ess Taco si usted es un hablante español

The Clan Itself

  • Mature, Fun, Veterans of the Halo Series. - Need People who can play as a team and callout. - We like to have a mature clan with members who can respect one another and support each other through gameplay and morale. - Creativity is also welcomed in this clan if you happen to be a great builder of battlefronts in custom games.
    We are open to players of any level and please be active Weekly at the minimum on Halo 5: Guardians. We all have lives beyond Halo 5: Guardians so don’t worry about the pressures of gameplay take care of your priorities before you get on.____You can make a difference.