So I was doing the par times for Halo 2 and I completed Regret in under 15 minutes, but didn’t get the achievement? I only used the sputnik skull, but that was the only way to shave enough time off to actually get the achievement.

Regret can be a pain. Add me and I’ll help you get it.

Regret is the most pain par time lvl in Halo 2 because 95% Regret is base on scrip time, unless you do the glitches which you save 2min. Me and and friend did it on co-op on easy got 14:30 time not doing the glitches. What hell 343i thinking making this Achievement? I bet that they had a speed-runner play Regret on legendary to make it look easy so they let put the 15:00 par time thinking that it was easy to get for everyone.

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> Regret can be a pain. Add me and I’ll help you get it.

I finished the entirety of Halo 2’s par times so I’m basically done for now until I start doing actual speed runs.

If anyone is trying to beat the par time on Regret you have to do the grenade jump at the beginning of the level to be under the par time. The gondola and elevators are literally half the time on that level.