Achievements stuck/won't unlock

Alright so here’s the deal:

When Reach came to PC, me and a friend was -Yoinking!- around in the missions “Exodus” & “New Alexandria” in the Anti-Cheat Disabled, so we could find places and stuff.
I have these Achievements that wont unlock now in normal gameplay. And i think these achievements are pretty common to get tho, So i dont get it :confused:

The following achievements i’m talking about are:

  • I Didn’t Train To Be A Pilot
  • Front Page News
  • The Humble Beginnings of Wiljax Brantley
  • Remember Reach
  • New Ways to Save a Buck

I know achievements won’t unlock in A-C Disabled, but could they like “block” it? - I dont know what to do here.
And yes i’ve done what needs to be done to achieve them in Normal.

Kill 3 Anti-Aircraft Batteries (Pretty common) - Find the Club (Pretty common) - Find the new Meal (Pretty common) - play reach on the 14th of a month (pretty common) - have the secret mission with Buck on New Alexandria (lucky based)…