Achievements: Size is everything and Bigfoot.

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Hello… I need 4 players to help me get, I mean Very quick help me get those two achievements… I tried by myself but nobody is not voting for either wreckage or Shatter… So Please help! (One more thing… If you don’t have these two achievements I be happy to help.)… Also the map pack neccesery to get these two achievements is on Crimson… But Stupid me… I was so busy with something else that I missed the DLC Cimson Playlist… So I thought I was screwed… But got the rest of the achievements in Infinity Slayer MAX party… No Random Players…So please do help… I need total of 16 players… If possible, 4 players with 4 controllers… Or either that… Many Players joined as possible.

Another thing… I went to True but I don’t know how to enter a session or make one… (I rather join than make)… So again Please, Do help.

GAMERTAG: Dark Assassin7O

Be happy to help. I still need Big Foot and Now They Fly. Add me. Matrix React.

already unlocked all the achievements… sorry

Add me, I got 4 controllers but I can’t do it at the moment / R3XH4J

Okay total Including me… we got Three players…


I should be able to do it tonight. I have four controllers too. If not tonight, tomorrow night. I’m usually on in the evenings.

-Yoink!-… I think everyone is busy at this time… I guess I gotta wait until night then… Well near by Night.

Alright I am back… Please read and PLEASE HELP!.. I need two people. (At least one with 4 controllers.)

Is somebody online right now?

> Is somebody online right now?

I am, I need help getting that warthog one!

You got 4 controllers?

I also need this two and i have 4 controllers

Gamertag: Drannominon

Need help too. Going to add you guys. See you online soon.

I MiNDTH3G4P I i’ll be online for awhile