Achievements showing as obtained before launch

My profile does not reflect that I’ve got a mission completed. Having a look at the achievement list on my profile, I can see that the achievement popped on 10/26/2015, so what looks like before launch.

I’m in Europe, so the timezone would have been GMT, with the achievement probably popping around 0630 GMT. Before US Eastern.

Anyway, two problems; maybe related. How to fix?

And olé, all the missions are reflected on the profile! Nice work 343i!

Mission 1 is still showing as having been unlocked the day before launch, but I assume it’s just a timezone display problem. That can stay the way it is.

I wouldn’t worry about it.
But check at the bottom of the page to see if you are checked in to the right zone as default is United States English. Try changing it to see if that makes a difference.
I have achievements for the 25/10/15 as I received my copy on the Saturday 24th Oct, so went offline and played some of the campaign.
It’s no big deal.