Achievements progressing when they shouldn't?

I’ve realized that several achievements that should read an absolute “0%” progress for me, appear with a high completion percentage. For instance, “With Your Shield or On It”, is granted when you finish the Halo 3 campaign on heroic difficulty it’s at 50%. And “Finish the fight”, granted when you complete the campaign on “Legendary” is at 33%.

I have not played a single mission on Heroic or Legendary (yeah, I know… pu$$y of me… :-)), so I don’t know why are those achievements progressing… Maybe they are taking into account my progress in the lower difficulty levels? But the numbers do not make sense to me anyway.

If I play in normal, it makes sense to have the easy levels carried on, and the achievement unlocked.
But I play in normal, from the top of my head, there should be absolutely zero progress in heroic and legendary. Right?

Maybe I’m getting paranoid with the achievements thing… :slight_smile:

Anyone experiencing the same behavior?

Same here I think it’s just the way they’re coded. For example the legendary achievements probably read 33% or whatever because you beat the game on normal, it would probably be 66 percent for heroic, and unlock for doing legendary. Odd way of doing it but sort of makes sense

OK. Good to know. Sorry for my late response. Didn’t saw yours. :slight_smile: