Achievements not unlocking

So, I just tried to unlock “You’re No Chips” just now and it won’t work. I tried 3 times and going to give up for now until the problem can be fixed. This not the first achievement of mine not to work, that goes to “Who Needs Them?”
It would be cool if I can get these achievements unlocked.

I just did the askar achievement which is easily the hardest par score achievement and it didn’t give me it. Expecting some bs like this I took a screenshot of it at over 45,000 points and I look at it on career and its still at the 8k it was before. Fix your achievements and give the achievements to the people who worked hard for them because I WILL Not be doing it again

I won’t be playing the MCC until you get the achievements fixed and give me the achievements I have EARNED. I still haven’t got the achievement for completing Sierra 117 like what?