Achievements NOt Unlocking Period

So I’ve been having this problem after going back to finish all the Halo games for the Halo Waypoint achievements, so when I’m playing Halo Wars, none of the achievements that I do not have completed will not pop. I originally thought I wasn’t finding all the methane tanks on the 2nd mission but discovered that it was every achievement when on the fourth mission I escorted Adam to the carrier and watched him get in it and everything but still no pop. Anyone know what is going on??

I’ve even tried clearing the system Cache but that didn’t solve the problem either…please advise!!

Everything should run smoothly because I’ve had no issues. Possibly due to cheating? Past hacks or whatever? Maybe an XBL Update? I ain’t 100% sure but I’ve never had a problem o.O

I will be trying the XBL updates later today to see if that might be the problem. As far as the cheating/hacking goes I don’t have the first slightest clue how to do those things or would I because it ruins games. I talked to XBOX support over the phone and Halo Wars is currently one of the discs that you can send in for a newer copy due to Platinum editions missing certain pieces of the game script. So if the updates do not work I guess thats the route I will be taking. Thanks!!