Achievements not tracking

So for the stick 50 enemies or throw 50 fusion coils, both are stuck. The fusion coil one is stuck at 92% and even though I throw a coil it doesn’t count. At the ground, in the distance, at enemies it doesn’t count. And sticking an enemy, I stick to anything and it doesn’t count.

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Yea I’ve not got any for skulls or audio logs either.

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Great news so far… I am sorry for ya. Meanwhile I am trying to find a CTF match since 2 hours in BTB.

Im stuck at 98% for grappleshot and also didn’t get the achievement for killing the first boss.

Yeah, achievements worked for a bit, and now they aren’t.


The Xbox Status page says, “You may have a delay in unlocking achievements, or updating progress or gamerscore. Your progress has not been lost.”

I figured mine were just very delayed (some were popping 10-20 seconds after the action) but I checked the list and I’m missing some normal mission completion ones.

Hopefully when it’s fixed they unlock for us all.

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I got one when I picked up my first audio log!

I’d submit tickets to Support, that’s the place to report bugs.

Same issue here. Some are popping and some aren’t. Didn’t get one for finding my first UNSC log and didn’t get anything for first level completion. Hopefully it’ll detect the progress in the future when the servers calm down.

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I’ve not got loads that I should have, I think something’s gone wrong MS end. Maybe there are that many people playing it’s overloading something. In my locked the ones I have done are not showing as secret so I guess they’ll pop whenever they fix whatever issue they are having.

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Having the same issue. None of the story related ones have popped. Got a few miscellaneous ones randomly here and there 10-20 minutes later.