Achievements Not Showing Up in Career?

Not sure where to put this, but I was looking in my Career, and I noticed that the achievement “Two Corpses in One Grave” was not showing up when I clicked “Vehicle Specialist” and viewed the achievements for that group. Upon further inspection, I noticed that it wasn’t just that achievement that was missing. It also said I hadn’t claimed many Halo 3 achievements that I KNOW I got. I was connected to Xbox Live at the time, so why aren’t they showing up?

Sorry if I put this in the wrong spot. It just didn’t seem to fit in any of the Support Forums. :confused:

This issue has been recurring on my Waypoint stats for years. I have seen my Waypoint career level rise and fall like the tides, and the issue has still yet to be fixed.

Checking right now, it appears that I only have 232/413 achievements tracked on my Waypoint career, when I actually have 402 of them. It’s pretty annoying.

I think the only fix that you can perform is to unlock another achievement and have Waypoint re-scan your list in hopes that it picks up a few more.

I really hate when this happens to me.

Just today my Milestone dropped from 80 to 50 something.

Same thing, was 94 now I am a 60. Last time this happened it went back after a few minutes. I think loading up the waypoint Xbox app helps.

I’m having the same issue. I’m Milestone 96, but my Waypoint Career is currently showing Milestone 60.

Gone from milestone 99 to 65

Had all achievements 413/413 now it’s showing 232/413

Maybe it’s a bug that needs to be fixed, and nothing necessarily wrong on my end. I wonder if it’s the same achievements for everyone that aren’t showing up. Hmmm…

Same thing is going on with my account. I almost have every Halo achievement but they are not showing up in the career section…

It looks like Waypoint isn’t counting Achievements correctly. If you look at anyone’s Halo 4 service record, it says 32/76 Achievements.

I have the same issue have random achievements from every game missing on waypoint and I have all the achievements minus the Spartan assault for windows 8/tablet as I have them on my phone guess ill wait and see if more of them unlock when the new halo 4 DLC achievements come out later this month, either way this keeps happening to people you think with the amount of people complaining they would sort it out.

I’m having the same problem with Waypoint suddenly incorrectly counting my achievements. The problem only started for me a few days ago, but is surprisingly annoying. Both the website and the Xbox app are malfunctioning.

I’ve noticed the problem affecting the achievements across multiple Halo games. I have a total of 4295 Gamerscore in Halo games, yet Waypoint is only registering 3845 of that. Even unlocking additional achievements since the problem started hasn’t helped.

Its nice to know others are having the same problem. Hopefully 343 will take notice and fix the problem. There are certainly enough of us complaining about this and other related bugs.

halo cea - 44 - 1000
halo 2 - 41 - 1000
halo 3 - 79 - 1750
halo 3 odst - 47 - 1000
halo 4 - 76 - 1750
halo reach - 69 - 1700
halo wars - 58 - 1200
halo spartan assault windPC - 20 - 200
halo spartan assault mobl/tablet - 20 - 200

9800 Total Gamer score (Not including the Halo 4 Championship DLC)
454 Total Achievements (Not including the 7 Halo 4 ChampDLC)

Halowaypoint is malfunctioning, reducing multiple people’s gamerscore and achievements by half, changing the unlocked achievements to -32- per game.

Well need news asap, because many people, including myself, are pissed off.

I have 370 achievements - 9445 total score - and that has been cut in half. It’s as though I was reverted back a complete year of hard work…


I’m getting this too–only 32 Achievements from each game are showing as unlocked.

Same issue for me… I had mile stone 94 or something like that and drastically dropped to 64 or something like that!!! OMG I’m freaking out :frowning:

Yes, a lot of my halo reach and odst ones aren’t showing up.