Achievements NOT popping!

I just completed to campaign on legendary solo and noticed that no achievements popped after finishing the midnight mission. I waited for the credits to roll and figured that it would pop after… I watched the video after the credits rolled and still no achievements for even finishing the game let alone for legendary solo. I went to my profile and it said that I finished the game on legendary. when I went through the missions it said that I didn’t complete the midnight mission … soooo … it says that I completed the “Epilogue” on legendary (even though its just a video), but I didn’t finish Midnight??

I don’t know if anyone else is having any issues but its kinda frustrating going through the campaign on legendary by myself (killed countless times by knights) and not receiving some type of reward for my troubles. Anyway … great game 343!! I was worried about the transition from BUNGIE. A few minor complaints… but overall great game. PLEASE HELP w/ achievement issue…

Long time Halo Fan

Yep level 3,4 and 5 havnt popped. Really annoying you would think it was just linked to a server and see you’ve completed the level to pop them properly :confused:

You should of been paying more attention.