Achievements Not popping.

I’ve gotten all the achievements for the campaign except Wall of Recognition and Mr. Punctual. They’re both stuck at 80%.

I even made sure to go back and get all of the golds on a single difficulty in single player (Easy) and made sure I beat the par times on Heroic in single player, not legendary. I even hard reset my console.

The problem is the game shows me that I’ve beat this but the achievement tracker is messed up, so I have no idea which 3 levels I’m missing to do both of these. And it could be 6 entirely different levels between the two achievements.

Short of replaying the game again, possibly twice. Is there anything I can do? Any ideas?

I am having the same issue with Mr. Punctual. Stuck at 80% even though I have the the little clock icon on every mission for heroic. I know that for one mission, the one where you set up the five rhinos and shoot the dome, I had saved right towards the very end, lost my last rhino on the way, loaded up my save and then completed it. I wonder if that had something to do with it. I haven’t tested it it out yet as I am still working on the other achievements and am hoping that it will resolve itself in time. The Legendary achievement did not pop for me until randomly a couple days later.

I went back through the campaign from the beginning to get both of these. Played heroic for par times then easy for gold if I didn’t get a gold in my par time run. Eventually I got them both about half way through the campaign.

Every time I started my Xbox up to play, I did a hard reset.

Yeah, I will probably have to do the same. I was hoping for an easy fix, or maybe a patch coming up to fix this so I didn’t have to play the whole campaign again. Twice, as I have the same problem for the gold achievement (stuck at 90%). I still have all the Skirmish achievements left, so maybe something will happen between then and now.