Achievements in matchmaking!

Here are some of my ideas.

Left it in reverse… “Splatter and enemy in any vehicle backwards”

The Sticky Stick is stuck “Complete a match of BTB without dieing, sprinting, jumping, crouching. You must be moving forward at the same speed for an entire match”

Long Bomb “Stick a player and get a hail Mary”

That’s a wrap! “Obtain the final kill in a game with an assassination”

Judge me by my size, do you? - Stand on top of a friendly player for a full ten seconds.

One for the Team - Be the bomb! Get stuck by a friendly Sticky Det and get an enemy player killed in the blast.

You can’t park here - Destroy a team vehicle that’s stationary near your team’s objective in an Objective gametype.

Greased lightening - Capture the enemy’s flag or plant the bomb successfully within the first 60 seconds of the match.

No wasted effort - Win a matchmade team objective game within 5 minutes, with no failed carries.

Tinkerbell’s wrath - Finish a match with at least ten kills using only the Spartan Laser.

> One for the Team - Be the bomb! Get stuck by a friendly Sticky Det and get an enemy player killed in the blast.

Yes! I love doing this with my friends! XD

Here’s some of mine:

Spartan Insurance: Kill the enemy who is hijacking your vehicle.

You Might Be Blowin’ Up in a Second: Earn a Double Kill with a Plasma Grenade that’s stuck to an enemy player.

Stop, Hammertime!: Earn a Splatter kill using the Gravity Hammer.
(Yes, it’s possible ;))

Can’t Touch This: Deliver the flag directly from the enemy base to your’s without Shields dropping below 50%

The Upper Hand: Use a dynamic map function (because I really hope that there’s some) to earn at least a Double Kill.

Perfectionist: Earn five Perfections in Matchmaking. (What? They’re SO HARD)

Experience Means Nothing Here: Assassinate an enemy who has at least 36 more hours of game time than you.

That all you got? - Get an Overkill with a dismounted Turret.
How are you, Gentlemen? - Successfully capture all enemy bases in Dominion without losing any of your own.
Just for showing off - Survive for a full 60 seconds while holding two power weapons in Team Slayer.
Ghost of New Mombasa - Earn a triple kill with a Beam Rifle without missing a shot.
I’m fine with what I have - Complete a game of matchmaking without changing the weapon you spawn with.