Achievements in Japanese?

While I wait for you guys to fix the multiplayer, I was just wondering if anyone had a fix for why all of my achievements for this game are in Japanese? My console settings are in English and my xbox account is US regional. I do live in Japan, but this shouldn’t affect the achievement language. Nothing else is in Japanese on my console and none of the achievements for any of my other games are in Japanese.
Just because I live here doesn’t mean I am fluent enough to understand this!
Any help is appreciated!

I live in Korea and have the same issues. Achievements are displayed in Korean and it bothers me. Also… I have tried since I got the game (5 hours before US launch) to find a matchmade game. Nothing. 0. Sooo many hours of search too. Add me ix folk xi.

I live in Japan too, and have exactly the same problem.

Not only on MCC, but also on Titanfall and several other games…

There is no way to change it, the only solution is to use your phone to look at the trophies. I know it sucks, but see this as a way to improve your Japanese :wink:

I was just about to make a thread about this!!!

We should add each other and get some customs or something going, please add ProudDisciple

I’m always looking for people to play with, Im mostly interested in H2/H2A but will play whatever just to have someone to play with.

Did you guys ever figure out the problem I’m in the same boat

> 2533274797422667;5:
> Did you guys ever figure out the problem I’m in the same boat

I don’t know if there is a fix for it. I honestly don’t even care about the achievements anymore.

Those in japan should get together to play

Add ProudDisciple