Achievements: How to get Halo 3's multiplayer to work

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I just wanted to swing by and drop a small guide for matchmaking, as I know some people are still trying to mop up achievements on Halo 3. I had to get the 7 on 7 achievement yesterday for a friend and it was pretty rough. These are pulled straight from the TrueAchievements community and I can’t take credit for all of this. Halo 3’s matchmaking has a tendency to give you a network error when trying to launch online multiplayer and this has been the best solution so far but please keep in mind that it’s still a tedious process. Be aware that the servers might just not work on any given day, despite trying this method. Between the servers being as they are and the almost non existent user base, getting most of these achievements legitimately may be next to impossible.

Guide by TrueAchievements user VOODOO85

-Go into Matchmaking from main menu
-Change network to Local
-Your Playlist option might now say “PLAYLIST: (LOADING)” or "PLAYLIST: (NOT AVAILABLE)
-Double (it might even be triple) press A on this PLAYLIST (?) option
-You should now see the “Select Matchmaking Playlist” screen and be able to navigate around to select a social playlist
-If no playlist option appear in the sub menu of Ranked / Social / 7 on the 7th then you need to try again
-I find moving the left thumbstick down whilst double/triple pressing A helps bring up the actual playlists<

My suggestions:

For exp related achievements:

  • Try to go in with a large, local party as changing your network boots anyone playing on a different console out of your party and stick to playlists that require the least amount of players to start a match

  • Players have reported not getting exp for any matches that last longer than 5 minutes. I would suggest using your veto option to try and force an objective gametype like Oddball, KoTH or CTF

  • For the 7 on 7 playlist, anyone who finished the match in the top 3 spot will get experience. Work together or this process will be unnecessarily long.

  • Your playlist EXP may not be updated in real time. It would only update for me once every other match so don’t get discouraged if you completed a match in under 5 minutes and still didn’t receive any exp

Overall matchmaking tips:

  • Achievements that require Legendary maps can also be completed on Mythic and Mythic II maps

  • Stay in your matchmaking party instead of cancelling back into the lobby and restarting matchmaking

  • The Old Halo 3 banning system is still in place, so have an agreed upon plan for getting this done as quickly as possible before you get hit with that 14 year old hammer

  • Party up with people in the same matchmaking hopper, as they are probably looking to get these achievements as well. Communicate with them as best you can to reach your goals faster, as you will undoubtedly match up with them again due to the low population

  • When playing with multiple parties on different consoles, try changing your settings to a different language or location and search in matchmaking under that criteria

I hope this helps all you completionists out there and as a small reminder, servers are set to close on January 13, 2022 for all Xbox 360 halo games. You have just one more opportunity to get the 7 on 7 achievement and I’m not sure if any co-op achievements will be attainable after that. Feel free to message me with any questions but I don’t think I’ll be available to help more than that.

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Cool you posting this for people, but it’s definitely not VOODOO85 who found this. You should send thanks to guy called ‘zombiefurko’.