Achievements glitched not worth the effort

So the other day me and my cousin are playing split screen. I am the primary and he is logged in with his account. We are trying for the turret achievement and as I get a kill he gets the achievement he was driving I was shooting to my left kill a guy, but he get it. I have been trying ever since to get this and people aren’t exactly playing the game for the achievements.

So here is the deal, Unless it is an achievement I can pick up the game and at any time earn it… Fine, but lets take a look at the achievements shall we?

Man cannon… Where the heck is there one… Well there are two on one map. That is it and they are so inconveniently placed that no one uses them. I run around and people avoid these things like the plague. Trying to stick near them or be clever no do walks right by them.

Communicating with team: Well until recently I thought that everyone who plays Halo has a sever allergy to microphones. Because no one uses them… EVER! Come to find out everyone is either not using mics or chooses party chat because of the Ban hammer that big brother has implemented. It is ridiculous to the point that I can’t earn all the achievements because I can’t passively talk to people. Sure I can invite people to party but I have tried this and most don’t want to bother with the achievements. I grab a turret for the kill someone in the air and no one drives around on the new maps.

These achievements shouldn’t be limited to the new maps either. Man cannon… Well that should be reserved for a map like Ragnorock but hey that would make too much sense. The map is literally perfect for it. There is just the right distance betwenn bases and man cannons and wart hogs with jumps. Granted it could use a few ramps but hey.

So anyways where are the Warthogs. Well those are on one map also and no one uses them. The just zip up the middle. I waited in one an entire map once. I am here to earn my achievements and it is pretty sad to say. Getting them is more about luck now than earning them.