Achievements for "classified" arent working.

Hi…I have been trying to access the “classified” stuff… and it asks me to get some achievements from all the halo games…the thing is that I have already got most of those achievements and it keeps showing that I havent unlock anything.
What should I do?

Which of the classified codes are you trying to use? Most of them have certain requirements before they can be used.

All of them… I cant access any… and I have already met the requierements for example the 1st classified “halo alfa” asks me to access all terminal from Halo:CE-A and I did that a lot of time ago. the same goes with requiem I-II and section 3.

please some help over here.

what the hell?? 343 doesnt give any answer?? great!! I get now why Im playing other games instead of halo -.-… you should have ppl that can give support to your players//customers.


Some things such as Terminals don’t synchronize with Halo Waypoint unless you were connected to Xbox LIVE at the time. Try getting a few (or all) of the Halo CEA terminals again and then try.