Achievements Database Bug

Just recently (as in yesterday) I’ve noticed an interesting problem that I have not seen mentioned by anyone previously. My in-game completion percentage (and achievement list in my profile on Waypoint) reset to 0%. This difference is also reflected in my Halo Gamerscore, which has decreased by ~3000. What makes this particularly interesting to me is that it is clearly still tracking all of the necessary numbers correctly and those numbers are reflected in some truly bizarre percentages on my profile (e.g. I am at 11803% of Balaho’s Most Wanted, but it is not registered as complete). All of my play time and completion data is still present, but the process of changing that “Achievement Complete” boolean value doesn’t seem to register. This has not, however, prevented me from getting more achievements afterwards, as I have complete Going International and Taste Test after having first noticed this. It seems to only effect the achievements I got prior to the problem.