Achievements App wont load data for MCC

Attempting to use the achievement app on xbox one, If I try see MCC achievements using Xbox Ones guide I receive the error message “We are unable to get achievements for this game at the moment. Try again later”. I am still able to unlock achievements but I cannot view which ones I do or dont have.
If i try to view the full screen achievement app, it takes an extended time to load all the stats interface (such as time played etc). But the data that loads seems corrupted (Eg I have 509/0 achievements), and the achievement list itself never loads.
I have even tried to use the PC achievements app to track my progress, but this list appears to be statically frozen to a previous date, meaning it has several achievements that appear locked even though they popped when I did them a few days ago, with no progress updating. Also the PC app doesnt let me sort by unlocked/locked/rarity etc like it does for other games.

In game when I try to access the MCC achievements through the pause menu it says 0 achievements for all titles, although I presume that is linked with the previous details above.

To be clear, the only game that is affected is MCC, in all other games the achievement app works fine.

Same here, I think it is a recent issue, -Yoink- 343.

Seriously whiskey foxtrot tango is this nonsense all the timr. Same issue with me.

just so you are all aware dont worry about attempting to uninstall completely and then reinstall i just tried that last night and it was a waste of time…the weird thing was that the progress in game showed back up while it was in the process of installing then stopped once the update was complete… maybe someone with faster internet can fiddle around with this concept but i dont have the quality internet or the patience to look for a solution when it seems clear that 343 stopped their involvment in trying to resolve these issues long ago #lost faith lol. one more thing i should add however is that it somewhat works with the achievement app for me now, but it seems just on the snapped app while playing the game.