Achievement rewards

Any one else wanting armors, emblems, etc that unlock by reaching specific overall halo gamerscore or by unlocking specific achievements in older halo games (like two armors in halo reach)?

I never used them but I missed the Avatar rewards for doing things

Yes and make them hard to get, not just beat the campaign on Normal or play one game or stuff like that, an actual challenge like Legendary or S/LASO

I agree, big time! I want my older achievements to mean something again. The 360 still exists, you can still see yourself on Waypoint. The MCC doesn’t contain every past achievement.
maybe I’m just living in the past…
you know I had almost every achievement in every halo game before the mcc? Yeah.

They might be doing that. To unlock the Helioskrill armour you had to complete all Halo(1-4) campaigns on Legendary.

Get a silver req pack every 10 halo 5 achievements

Please don’t revive old topics, thanks, especially ones that are nearly 3 years old