ACHIEVEMENT hunting party

Alright guys, I’m organizing an achievement hunting party. Requirements are as follows:

Defiant Map Pack
Noble Map Pack
Anniversary Map Pack (installed on Halo Reach)

Guest controller

6 PM Wednesday Central Standard Time
Here is a time zone converter for the US, already set up LINKY

The achievements we will definitely be going after include, but are not limited to:

You Ate All the Chips
Noble 1: Collect all of the flags in a matchmade Stockpile game.
Don’t Touch That!
Defiant: Prevent the attacking team from touching the flag in a matchmade 1-Flag CTF game.
Stick it to the Man!
Anniversary: Stick and kill the flag carrier with a Plasma Grenade in a matchmade game.
Paper Beats Rock
Defiant: Assassinate a player that just exited Armor-Lock in a matchmade game.
Emergency Room
Anniversary: Infect 3 players in a single round in a matchmade Infection game.
License to Kill
Anniversary: Run over 5 people with a vehicle in a matchmade game.
You Blew It Up!
Noble 1: Blow up the research facility in a matchmade Invasion game on Breakpoint.
All Alone
Defiant: Be the last surviving uninfected player in a matchmade Infection game.

Let me know in the comments below with your GT, and how many extra controllers (if any).

Thanks guys!


For reference, my GT is kkfosta

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I’d like to help. When are you trying to get these? I have 3 extra controllers

Yes i was looking for this, i got all but the 12 map pack achievements left to do so yes i would like to help out plus i have a friend that has map packs maybe when hes on he can help to! i hate that iv done all the achievements just not on the right map. and id just expect a friend request or something on Xbox live or again something. cant wait to get em all.

I would love to help with something like this! I have 3 extra controllers as well. Unfortunately I have class at that time though…
Tonight would be great though lol… Anyways just message and lemme know what’s goin on.

I’m working on gettin all achievements too and this would be great but I only have the Anniversary Map Pack :confused:

I’ll be gettin the other 2 soon tho

GT: PeruvnRasta