Achievement hunting: Don't Touch That!

I’m looking for some players of sufficient number and/or skill in order to hunt down and bag the Achievement “Don’t Touch That!”. It’s prerequisites are; Defiant: Prevent the attacking team from touching the flag in a matchmade 1-Flag CTF game.

After I’ve gotten this baby I will move on to hunt down the more difficult Halo Wars Achievements, but I will naturally stick around and help any party-members who’re still in need of any Achievements. You gotta finish what you started.

My GT is; Jochon.

p.s. A microphone and willingness to cooperate with your team are essential traits for this sort of thing, if you’re missing either of these then I suggest you go look for help elsewhere.

  • Info -

Necessary maps:

Necessary gametype:
1 Flag CTF

Necessary playlists:
Big Team Battle
Team Objective

GT= Alpha Threat

Let me know…Usually on from 8am - 1pm eastern time

Zman445 gotta get these! Hit me up my hours vary, I’ll be back tuesday

Added. Been needing this one too.

add me GT: Riot Rojas. I need that achievement too.

This is the last achievement I need. I’ll be able to help come Monday. Also I’m willing to help anyone who needs any of the other achievements.

gt: evil mutch


I have 2 controllers, so I can log in 1 guest, I need help with some other cheevos, if you have time to help me with em i’d appreciate it but it’s no big deal if you can’t.

bump i wanna dlc acheivement hunt!

Can anyone help with paper beats rock? Thats the last on I need.
Add me if you can help ill be online next week.

GT: S4dF4c3 R3yy

Edit: I got my missing ones, then had a cR suspension from 2 games of not moving guests. I don’t care about cR anyway so nothing lost.

I’m also looking for those achievements, as well as 3 others. I have a mic and 3 extra controllers as well.

GT - radman elite if anyone want some help.

Need 3 more achievements Dont touch that, paper beats rock, and bounty hunter.


I just realized, can you do an anniversary achievement too. I need that license to kill crap that i could not get, for some silly reason.