Achievement Hunters

Years back, I use to not have live. Played all my games on a non-live account. Then got live and didn’t know I could’ve used my old name. So in a nutshell, there are many older achievements I need to reobtain as well as newer ones. Anyone looking to work through the campaigns, firefight, multiplayer, spartan ops etc. Basically racing through all the Halos scoopin up all the achievements along the way.

Add me GT NewEdwards117

I’m slowly working on getting the achievements from mcc (and soon 5), but I’m not sure how often I would be able to play if you were to add me… Although one thing. Why couldn’t you get your achievements? I created my local account on my 360 before I had a router, played nearly everything offline, then logged into my msn account and linked my profile to it. All of my achievements carried over…

Min would’ve but when I first created my online account, It walked me through making a new name altogether. So then I put in a lot of time and work on it before I realized I could’ve used my old account. Now I have too much invested in this account.

I would love to help you. I have many achievements already, but the ones requiring a partner I still need to get.

Hey I’m always down to get some achievements I’m even down to play some area every now and then just add me GT: Loco0rphan

I’m down to get some achievements add me gt werewolf carrie

Add me: Snake EY