Achievement Hunters

So I have been thinking about this for a while because my friend and I were talking about achievements recently and personally I really like to hunt achievements, but he doesn’t seem to care whether or not he unlocks achievements. However, as much as I like to unlock achievements and try to complete certain games 100%, there are some achievements that are rather difficult and I refuse to unlock those so I wouldn’t consider myself as someone who needs to unlock every single achievement. So, now I ask this question. What kind of achievement hunter are you? Do you have to have every single achievement in every single game, do you really just not care about them, is it something in the middle, or is it completely different than anything I’ve listed? Please feel free to elaborate on the topic as much as you’d like!

I enjoy it quite a bit, but I don’t go out of my way for difficult ones. One of the only games I’ve completed was ODST, and that was a real highlight for me.

I like to get achievements, but I don’t really need to get every single one

I like having a list of easy and do-able achievements to get for when im really bored and have nothin else to do

but yea if achievements are really hard, I usually don’t bother trying to get them. I rather have a million easy ones to get, rather than a few hard ones

I don’t game as much as I used to, so Halo is and will be my only game, but I still try to get as many achievements as possible.

I don’t try to go for all of them, but I’ll get any of them that I can. I usually go for the easy ones first, then medium and I usually don’t do the hard ones. But I try for as many as possible.

All except mp

I usually try to unlock to the Campaign ones, but I don’t really try for the MP ones.

I try to grab as many as I can, and then go back and, in the vein of Dark Souls, try, try, try, try, try again.

After reading all of these posts, it sounds like there are lots of other people that really enjoy unlocking achievements like me. This is way too cool! I hope this thread stays alive for a while so I can get more responses from other members of the community and see what kind of achievement hunters they are!

I like unlocking achievements.
It’s my dream to complete all a game’s achievements.

Dude!!! I want LASO MASTER sooo bad but H2 is killing me

Yeah… I enjoy unlocking stuff… But not to the point of insanity. Enjoying myself is more important.

Even more achievement hunters! Perhaps I am not all that strange after all…

I am trying to get as many as I can before H5 drops, but I doubt I will get every single one

I will have them all once I am done with MCC. I have to have em all.